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25 June 2015 @ 01:53 am
As I'm sure you can tell, I don't really use this journal any more. I thought it would be a good place to post meta, but I don't feel I have many original ideas to offer, and how many entries of "OMG SQUEE" do you need to see on your friends page? While I still want to rant about my very pressing ideas about Mulder and Scully's onscreen interactions or who Buffy was truly in love with--and I assure you I still have them--you won't find them here.

This journal is becoming a lurking journal once again.
10 September 2007 @ 05:54 pm
Lately I've been amused by reactions of not-really-fannish people to fanfiction, or to their perceptions of what "fanfiction" and fandom are (not that most of them seem to know the term fandom as I know it, exactly).

Mostly, people seem to use the word "fanfiction" as a shorthand for "bad, self-indulgent, weirdly-plotted writing." A number of people gushing with me over The Deathly Hallows have voiced the complaint that it "read like a fanfiction"--though few of these people are really familiar with fic themselves. I mean, there are those of us who wish it read more like some of the novel-length, post-HPB fic, whether for shipping, writing, or editing aesthetics. (Which is not to say that I didn't love TDH, because I absolutely did. Just. Writing is mostly about revision, remember?)

At dinner recently, conversation turned to smutfic, or, as it was phrased by my companions, "fanfiction porn." The consensus was mostly: "That's weird!!" and "Why?!?"

Then there was the awesome moment when I found out that a dear friend of mine, D., reads Snape/Hermione. Hooray! The above perceptions prevent many fen from being openly fannish, but it would be difficult to ascertain how far D. is into the fandom. Snape/Hermione can mean a lot of different things. I was just excited that she used the standard format for pairings.

But perhaps best of all was during another DH-gushing session when an acquaintance, E., said, "You know, Louise, there's one type of fanfiction that I think would really like. Actually, I don't know, maybe you already read it." And from the way he was speaking and semi-hesitating, it was apparent what he was trying to allude to. Almost simultaneously, he and I said, "Erotic Harry Potter fanfiction."

I don't read that much smut. (My del.icio.us makes it appear that I read a lot more than I do, since I'm more diligent about tagging smut as such than gen, and use the term pretty loosely so no one reads something that would squick them.) Some of what I read happens to include smut, but especially in novel-length fics, I tend to skim over. Also, I mostly read Harry Potter fic, and I find it's a challenge for the author to believably write, and for me as a reader to believe or suspend disbelief, in those characters having in-character sex. Furthermore, I would probably be most interested in BDSM fics, which seem difficult to find in well-written forms, and on top of that, what Harry Potter character would have in-character BDSM sex? (My answer: Draco Malfoy.) It's clear we're not talking Harry/Ginny, here. Even my favorite slash pairing, Remus/Sirius, would probably include more cuddling than cuffs (though Remus/Sirius fluff is another topic entirely).

So, the point of that rambling was: I'm amused that someone, who's not really "in" fandom, and who doesn't know me terribly well, would peg me as someone who reads Harry Potter smut. (And I actually mean amused. I don't mind that he's made this judgment; I enjoy it. I might be more worried if some other people I know thought that about me, since their minds, that judgment is pretty much the same as "pervert.")
28 August 2007 @ 11:20 am
This morning, my mom and I stood at the kitchen counter, packing my lunch for work. I was preparing some leftover Chinese noodles. She was arranging some sliced cantaloupe and the most adorable, tiny spork ever.

"You sure are religious," she said.

This seemed like a weird comment to come from my pantheist, Unitarian Universalist, Lutheran-raised, former Catholic-nun-wannabe mother while she helped me put food in plastic boxes. "What's that?" I asked.

"You bring noodles almost every day!" she insisted, closing the Tupperware of cantaloupe. "You really care about the Flying Spaghetti Monster."

"Ramen!" I said enthusiastically.

She looked at me quizzically. "Lo mien!" she finally replied, just as enthusiastically.


"Lo mien is the same as ramen," she said in her Former-Chinese-Language-and-Culture-Major-Voice.

"No, no, ramen is the same as amen."

"Oh," she blinked at me. "I've actually never read those pasta monster gospels." And she put on the kettle.
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23 August 2007 @ 09:38 am
I know it's common to have a separate LJ for fandom and for real life, but what about del.icio.us? Right now, I have about 650 links saved, and a little under half of them are fic or otherwise fandom related. In addition, however, I've saved a number of pages having to do with websites that I work on as part of my job, because I tend to work from a number of different computers. Some of them are innocuous, like vendor sites, or our vendor/host's helpdocs. But others could lead to the store where I work, and/or to me, the webmistress. Other links point to my school, hometown, concerts I want to attend, etc. It's not a huge deal, and I don't think anyone's stalking me or is going to. It just seems to defeat the purpose of keeping the two journals separate. I could make a whole section of the links private--but this seems to defeat the purpose of social bookmarking.

ETA: my completely fandom del.icio.us, painstakingly organized because I am the biggest packrat ever.
17 August 2007 @ 04:47 pm
My father is a huge dork. He got me to read the Dune books, has read all the classic scifi, bored my mom with talk of Tolkein when he first met her, is a programmer, was really into Farscape when it first came out, etc.

Last night, we were on our own for the evening, and I thought it would be nice to watch some Firefly or Battlestar Galactica with him. He's never seen either, but I've told him a lot about both. I thought he would rather watch the first half of the BSG miniseries than the Firefly pilot, because personally, after several watches, I still find the Firefly pilot to be confusing and not do the characters justice. Joss can do better than that. It doesn't fall into all of the traps of a first episode (hello, Farscape!).

But he insisted, "I don't want to watch sentient humanoid robots destroy humanity! I want to watch smuggling pirate cowboys in space!" So we watched the Firefly pilot.
16 August 2007 @ 12:34 pm
Last night I dreamed that Peter Petrelli called to ask me out to lunch as soon as I get back to NYC. Unfortunately, my alarm went off before we could hash out the details.

It was pretty realistic, as dreams go. Sounded just like him. While I would have preferred Mohinder, I probably have more in common with Peter, and we're closer in age. Maybe he met me when he was in TX. Maybe I'm "on the list." Damn you, cell phone alarm--now the world may never know.
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Incredibly spoilery thoughts on Deathly Hallows.
This was 5 pages the day after I read it. I've since edited down to (I think) under a page. I haven't posted it because it was on my laptop, which doesn't have internet right now.


08 August 2007 @ 12:31 pm
One idea I have for my senior project besides the contemporary Jesus thing is paintings of naked men. Because I think naked men are pretty, and, compared to all the "fine" artwork of naked women, there aren't enough paintings of them.

This means that I'm always looking for an opportunity to render naked men. Recently, I took a figural sculpture class; the first session, I asked (politely, I hope) whether we would have any male models.

It turns out that the entire class was one pose. I did not know this. Not having any background in sculpture, I didn't know that this is common--with drawing/painting (my background) a class meeting that frequently could have hundreds of poses if you include gesture drawings and warm-ups.

Instead of explaining this, my teacher tried to tell me that sculpting the female is somehow better. He said it's "easier," because of the "curves." Right.

I pointed out that men can have curves. I told him about how at school there's this obese male model that I adore drawing--and wouldn't it be fun to sculpt those curves and folds? I brought up other body types. My teacher shrugged it off, and we got on with the class.

But a few minutes later, when we were all sculpting, he brought it up again. Something about paying the model fee. Whatever. Total bullshit. But I found it interesting that he'd brought it up again. He was bothered by what I said, or by the idea of sculpting a male nude, while naked women are accepted and taken for granted.

During student workshops of figural paintings, critiques of male nudes are mostly similar to discussion of female nudes, but words like "daring" and "brave" keep showing up. For painting a naked dude? I bring this up to show how people, including those accustomed to viewing and studying the naked human body, find something strange and even shocking about the male nude.

I have not a huge opinion on boldthrough, since: I'm relatively new to fandom; I'm squicked out by the kind of thing that got the two users banned; I don't think 2 is a statistically significant number; and I think it's in keeping with the TOS to kick people off without warning just because LJ doesn't like someone's face, even if I really like that person's face. So, this is the closest I'm going to get an opinion about boldthrough: I think that, when people are deciding what is, and what is not obscene, they are probably biased when it comes to pictures that include naked men. And this is unfortunate.
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07 August 2007 @ 03:20 pm
Icon post for redirecting posts to communities.

15 Harry Potter icons, no more spoilery than my usernameCollapse )
31 July 2007 @ 03:16 pm

I'd heard that season 4 of Farscape was not so much the greatness. I didn't want to believe it. Well, last night I finished watching all of Farscape, including Farscape: the Peacekeeper Wars. I loved the latter, and the last 8 or so episodes (the mini-series and the last 5 episodes being my favorites, possibly in the entire story arc).

As for the beginning of the season, I think my opinion on that can be summarized by the following comparison.

In seasons 1-3, Aeryn Sun is a kick-ass warrior chick who would maybe be friends with Kara Thrace if only Kara were more disciplined. She's basically in love with John for ever (and who wouldn't be? Ben Browder is really hot) but doesn't deal with it for several seasons because emotions are for pansies.

Here she is in season 1, kicking some ass:

And here she is in the 4th episode of season 4, her first appearance in that season:

And this after she shows up, crying, all in black, with black eyeliner. PLEASE STOP NOW.

Caps from farscape-caps.com and fei.farscape-one.de.